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Facts About Autism That You Should Understand


Since the autism speaks foundation was founded in 2005, the organization has devoted to helping nations around the world to better understand autism and the ways in which to treat the condition. Here are a few important facts regarding autism which the autism speaks has brought to light.


The first this is that the number of individuals who have autism has registered a tremendous growth over the last 10 years. The number of people who were diagnosed with autism back in 2005 was only 166. A decade later, the number of individuals diagnosed with this condition has grown to one in 68 people. This is more than 100% increase since the last ten years.


A direct screening study shows that the number of individuals diagnosed with autism could be higher than the one in 68. A recent study done in South Korea by the researchers funded by autism speaks shows that every one of 38 kids is diagnosed with autism. Most kids had yet to be diagnosed with autism before this study. Autism speaks is now in negotiations with CDC in the United States to conduct a similar research using direct screening in classrooms to prevent learning disabilities lake Oswego.


A correct diagnosis of add portland in kids can be done from the age of 2. An early diagnosis as well as subsequent intervention is able to improve the outcome. Autism speaks foundation is making early screenings which is available to more and more people. Especially the communities that have been underserved over the years.


With top quality and early intervention, the brain development of a child's brain activity will show improvement with time. Since there is some degree of plasticity found in the brain, the early the intervention is done, the higher the chance of having a positive outcome on the development of the brain. Ideally, these interventions will help in reducing the need as well as the subsequent cost of educational and behavioral support during childhood. Watch this video at and know more about ADHD.


Behavioral therapy will change the lives of the people with add lake oswego for the better. Research has shown positive results and evidence of the advantages of behavioral therapy. Using this evidence, the autism speaks foundation was able to push through with new laws in the states which mandates that the healthcare coverage also pays for the costs of a behavioral therapy. The individuals and families who were once denied the much needed treatment are making progress now.


Approximately a third of individuals diagnosed with autism are non-verbal. Due to this, autism speaks supports numerous research and the development of devices which can assist these individuals to communicate easily.

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